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Mangala Kalpavruksha
(Soil Application for Coconut & Arecanut)

Mangala Kalpavruksha is scientifically blended and enriched with integrated nutrients specifically for coconut & arecanut palms.

Essential Contents

It contains growth promoters, neem cake powder, pongamia cake powder, castor cake powder and vermicompost along with major & micronutrients and beneficial microorganisms viz., N-fixer, P- solubilizer, K- mobilizer and plant protective microbes viz., Trichoderma and Pseudomonas.

Crops: Coconut /Arecanut

Benefits of Mangala Kalpavruksha
  • Mangala Kalpavruksha provides all the nutrients required by Areca nut and Coconut palms in balanced proportion.
  • Mangala Kalpavruksha reduces splitting and dropping of nuts.
  • Mangala Kalpavruksha increases yield, imparts tolerance against insects and diseases.

Application Details

Rate of application per palm Time of application
Coconut: 5 kg Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon
Arecanut /Pepper: 2 kg
Packing: 40 kg