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Bio-Medical Waste

Annual report

Form – IV

(See rule 13)

Annual Report

For the Period January 2022 to December 2022
(To be submitted to the prescribed authority on or before 30th June every year for the period from January to December of the preceding year, by the Occupier of Health Care Facility (HCF) or common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF))

Sl. No. Particulars  
1. Particulars of the Occupier   
  (i)      Name of the authorized person (Occupier) S. GIRISH
Chief Manufacturing Officer
  (ii)     Name of the institution Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.,
  (iii)    Address Panambur, Mangaluru - 575010.
  (iv)   Tel.No., Fax NO. Ph: 0824 - 2220600
Fax:0824 - 2407938
  (v)    E-mail ID
  (vi)   Ownership of the Health Care Facility Private
  (vii)  Status of Authorization under the Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules One time authorization No. KSPCB/RO(MNG)/UIN No- 1203011678/ Reg.No149493/2018-19/675 dated 04.07.2018
  (viii) Status of Consents under Water Act and Air Act Valid up to 30.06.2026
2. Type of Health Care Facility  
  (i)      Bedded Hospital No. of Beds: 7
  (ii)     Non-bedded Hospital -
  (iii)    License number and its date of expiry Same as Sl. No. 1 (vii)
3. Categories of Bio-medical waste generated (please indicate category as per the Schedule I) Yellow Category
Red Category
White Category
Blue Category
4. Quantity of waste generated in Kg or Tones per annum (on monthly average basis) Yellow Category : 4.9 kg/month
Red Category : 4.1 kg/month
White Category : 0.08 kg/month
Blue Category : 0.08 kg/month
5. Additional Details:  
  (i)      Brief details of the on-site storage facility Size: No Storage Facility
Capacity: NA
Provision of on-site storage: (cold storage or any other provision): NA
  (ii)     Brief details of the on-site treatment facilities No on-site treatment facility
  (iii)    Quantity of recyclable wastes sold to authorized recyclers after treatment in Kg or Tons per annum (on monthly average basis)   Red Category (like plastic, glass etc.): Nil  
  (iv)   Quantity of wastes disposed through common facility operator in Kg or Tons per annum (on monthly average basis) Yellow category: 4.9 kg/month
Red Category: 4.1 kg/month
White Category: 0.08 kg/month
Blue Category: 0.08 kg/month
  (a)  Name of the Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility Operator through which wastes as disposed of M/s RE SUSTAINABILITY HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED.  
  (b)  Name and address of the Treatment facility with Telephone, Fax and E-mail ID M/s RE SUSTAINABILITY HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED.
No. 47-B, KIADB Industrial Area, Kolnad,
Mulky, Dakshina Kannada Dist. - 574 154.
Tel: 9900196884
  (v)    Mode of transportation of wastes to the Common Treatment Facility By Biomedical waste transport vehicle of M/s Re sustainability healthcare solutions Limited.
6. Do you have bio-medical waste management committee? If yes, attach minutes of meeting held during the reporting period. No.
7. Details training conducted on BMW  
  (i)  Number of trainings conducted on BMW management One
  (ii)  Number of personnel trained Five
  (iii) Number of personnel trained at the time of induction Five
  (iv)   Number of personnel not undergone any training so far Nil
  (v) Whether standard manual for training is available? Yes
  (vi)   Any other information -
8. Details of the accident occurred during the year  
  (i)    Number of Accidents occurred Nil
  (ii)   Number of persons affected NA
  (iii)  Remedial Action taken NA
  (iv) Any fatality occurred, details NA
9. Certified that the above report is for the period from January 2022- December 2022