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Mangala Brand PP Chemicals

Mangala DiDiPS


Technical Name: Dichlorovos 76 % EC
Mode of Action: Contact / Fumigant
Target pests/insects: Brown plant hopper (BPH), Leaf Folders, Army Worm, Leaf eating Caterpillar, Pyrilla
Dosage: 250-350 mL/ac (1.5-2mL/L)
Major target crops: Paddy, Cotton, Cucurbits Soybean & Sugarcane

Salience of MANGALA DiDiPS
  • Mangala DiDiPS is a broad-spectrum Insecticide.
  • Mangala DiDiPS is suitable for multi-applications. It acts as contact insecticide and stomach poison with fumigant action.
  • Mangala DiDiPS instantly kills sucking and chewing insects, like Aphids, Jassids, Thrips and Leaf miner, in cucurbits and other vegetables.
  • Mangala DiDiPS is suitable for managing tough insects such as Heliothis, Spotted boll worm and Pink boll worm in Cotton& soybean, and Pyrilla (Aeroplane bug) in sugarcane.
  • Mangala DiDiPS has a very short residual effect (short waiting period) and hence it can be sprayed on vegetable crops even just two days ahead of picking / plucking the vegetable.
  • Mangala DiDiPS is compatible with many fungicides.

Packing: 250mL, 500mL, 1 L & 5 L