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Mangala Bio Gold Plus

Mangala Bio Gold Plus is a well decomposed enriched organic manure of multi-benefits.

Essential Content: Press mud based organic manure, enriched with well decomposed neem powder and vermicompost.

Benefits of Mangala Bio Gold Plus
  • Mangala Bio Gold Plus helps in improving soil structure i.e. the physical condition of the soil, and also improves fertility of the soil.
  • Mangala Bio Gold Plus increases crop yield and quality of produce.

Application Details

Crops: All Crops

Crop Dosage Time of application
Field crops 100 kg/ac Sowing/Transplanting
Vegetables 120 kg/ac Sowing/Planting
Commercial crops 160 kg/ac Sowing/Planting
Coffee/Tea 160 kg/ac Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon
Fruit crops 3-5 kg/plant Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon
Plantations 1-2 kg/plant Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon
Grapes 5 kg/plant Pruning
Banana 1 kg/ plant Planting
Ornamental plants 100 g/pot Once in 3 months
Kitchen garden 1 kg/sq m Sowing/Planting

The above quantity is minimum. Based on the requirement, the quantity can be increased.

Packing: 40 kg