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Mangala S - 90

Mangala S - 90 is a widely used and affordable fertilizer source of Sulphur, an essential secondary plant nutrient.

Essential Content: Sulphur (S) : 90.0%

Crops: All crops like Oilseeds, Pulses, Bulb crops, Vegetables, Fruits, Plantation and dry land crops, except low land paddy.

Benefits of Mangala S - 90
  • Mangala S - 90 improves pungency and oil content in bulb and oil seed crops respectively.
  • Mangala S - 90 activates Sulphur containing amino acids and helps in plant growth and development.
Application Details

Soil Application
Dosage :
10-15 kg/ac

Time of application

Field Crops : Sowing/transplanting.

Perennial Crops : Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon

Packing: 10 kg