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Mangala Pushti

Mangala Pushti is an activated and micronized natural foliage CO2 enhancer. It helps in increasing photosynthetic activity. It is a product of nanotechnology produced by tribodynamic activation (TDA) process.

Essential Nutrient Content: It contains in small quantities many nutrient elements such as Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu etc.

Benefits of Mangala Pushti

  • Mangala Pushti being a nanotechnology product easily enters the leaves through stomata and releases CO2 which is required for photosynthesis.
  • Mangala Pushti increases photosynthetic rate resulting in increased growth leading to better yields.

Application Details

Mangala Pushti should be applied as foliar spray for all crops.

No. of Applications: 2-3 application during peak vegetative growth stage.
Dosage: 5 g/L
Packing: 250 & 500 g






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