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Mangala CaB Plus

Mangala CaB Plus formulation includes Calcium and Boron along with Amino acids, which help in maximizing the crop growth, development and quality of the harvested crop.

Essential nutrient content (w/v): Calcium (Ca): 6.0%; Boron (B): 2.0% and Amino acids: 1.0%

Benefits of Mangala CaB Plus

  • Mangala CaB Plus is rich in Calcium, Boron and Amino acid along with other essential nutrients required for plants.
  • Mangala CaB Plus protects crops from blossom end rot, tip burn, splitting, misshaping of fruits and cracking of fruits/nuts.
  • Mangala CaB Plus helps in promoting pollen production and fertilization.

Application Details

Crop Dilution (mL/L) Time of application
Cereals, pulses & oilseeds 2-3 First spray at 35-40 days after sowing/transplanting. And the second spray 15 days later. If required, give third spray 15 days later.
Commercial crops & Vegetable crops 2-3 First spray at 45-50 days after planting/sowing with 1-2 follow up sprays at 15 days interval.
Plantation Crops 3-4 First spray during May with 1-2 follow up sprays at 15 days interval. If there is a break in monsoon, apply once.
Banana and other fruit crops 4-5 First spray at 50-60 days after planting with 1-2 follow up sprays at 15 days interval.
Flowering and other ornamental plants 2-3 During the peak vegetative growth period, give minimum 2 sprays at 12-15 days interval.

Precautions: It should not be mixed with sulphates and phosphates.
Packing: 100, 250 & 500 mL, 1 L & 5 L

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